Pickleball Leagues

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League Schedule

Registration for Late Fall 2022 leagues is now open. Click on your league to register

Beginner League Sunday (Sold Out)
Mixed Competitive 3.0 Sunday (Sold Out)
Mixed Competitive 3.5 Sunday
Mixed Social Afternoon Sunday (Sold Out)
Mixed Social Evening Sunday
Womens Competitive 3.5 Sunday (Sold Out)
Womens Social Sunday (Sold Out)

Mens Competitive 4.0 Monday (Sold Out)
Mixed Competitive 3.5 Monday (Sold Out)
Mixed Social Monday (Sold Out)
Womens Competitive 3.0 Monday (Sold Out)

Beginners League Tuesday (Sold Out)
Mens Competitive 3.0 Tuesday (Sold Out)
Womens Competitive 4.0 Tuesday (Sold Out)

Mixed 3.0 Wednesday (Sold Out)
Men's 3.5 Thursday (Sold Out)


Womens Social Thursday (Sold Out)
Mixed Social Thursday (Sold Out)

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Pickleball League Types

Men's League: Intended for teams of two male players

Women's League: Intended for teams of two female players

Mixed League: Intended for teams of one male and one female players.

All are welcome at Minneapolis Cider - please choose the league that you feel most comfortable selecting.

Beginners League:
Beginners league teams can be of the same gender or mixed - it's all about learning the sport.

Social Leagues: A more casual, fun league. Great for newer or experienced players to enjoy and grow in the sport. It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.

Competitive Leagues:
For competitive/experienced players to test their skills and improve their game. Winning isn't everything... it's the only thing.

Competitive leagues are separated into three skill brackets using the pickleball rating system at levels 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0. The higher the number the more competitive the play. If you're unsure what skill level you are - please use this as a guide to rate yourself: Pickleball Rating Guide.

Players are free to play at any level but we hope this allows competitive teams to be more evenly matched.

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Pickleball League Info

  • All Leagues are Doubles (two players)
  • Leagues are scheduled 6 weeks plus a tournament (in rare circumstances one week may be taken away and given a bye)
  • Play 2 teams each night. Games are to 11, best 2 out of 3 (30 minute time limit). You will play for about an hour each night, and sometimes have to wait one game in between your two games
  • Cost of the league is $140 per team – including all taxes/fees for two players
  • Paddle Rental is $3 per day

Returning Player Priority Access

We really appreciate the love and support of all of our returning league players, so current league players will be given priority signup access to the new season! This benefit will continue into future seasons as well. The league commissioner will be contacting current league players separately about the priority sign-up period.

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How to play

Pickleball is a sport in which two or four players use solid paddles to hit a wiffle ball over a net. Pickleball shares the dimensions and layout of a badminton court, and a net and rules similar to tennis, with a few changes..


Players must serve underhand from behind the baseline. The ball must be served cross-court, past the non-volley zone (the kitchen). The first serve is made from the right-hand side of the court, and alternates after each point. A player continues serving until their team commits a fault (hitting it into the net, out of bounds, etc.) After a lost point, the player’s partner has a turn serving before the serve is given to the opposing team. To begin the game, the serving team only gets 1 serve.


Only the serving team can score points. Games are to 11, win by 2. The score is called as a series of 3 numbers. First the scoring teams score, second the receiving teams score, lastly if the server is the first or second server on their team. Eg. 7-3-2

Quirky Rules

When returning the serve, the receiving team must let the ball bounce once (1st bounce) before hitting it back. The serving team must also let this return bounce (2nd bounce) before hitting the ball. After these two bounces, the ball can be volleyed (hit in the air) or off the bounce. A player may not hit the ball while standing inside the non-volley zone (the kitchen) unless the ball first bounces in the non-volley zone.